August 2023

The ones we serve alongside, the ones we sit next to, let’s lift them up today and ask that God would strengthen our Familia and meet them right where they are. We are stronger together, and we know that genuine community and connectedness are what God has created us for. As you are praying for […]

God, we pray for physical healing in our church and our community, specifically for the members of our Familia who are fighting cancer. Every health issue we’re dealing with, including addiction, depression, and anxiety, we lift up these requests to You, the one who heals every disease. We pray for miracles in the lives of […]

We lift our families up to you today, God. We pray that you would strengthen our homes, the relationships we have with each other and that your love would be felt and seen in everything we do and say. As we spend time in your presence, we ask that you would heal us and change […]

Let’s take some time in the presence of God today to pray a blessing over our relationships. “We pray today for our relationships with our spouses, with our children, with our friends and family. God, where there is loss and brokenness would you bring restoration and life. We pray for healing in our relationships, and […]

We can’t manufacture miracles, we can’t make anything happen on our own, but we can prepare our hearts and make room for God to move. Do the natural, and He’ll take care of the supernatural! Jesus is the one who brings true freedom. Let’s take some time today and pray for freedom and breakthrough in […]

Besides love, forgiveness may well be the most important indicator to others that we follow Jesus. What we have unworthily attained, we give away. Those of us who have been forgiven of much will seek to give it away and pay it forward. We must remember though that forgiveness is not forgetfulness; God doesn’t give […]

Love is the strongest of all human emotions. We have been hardwired to love by a God whose essence is love. Love casts out fear, overcomes doubt, and perseveres through the toughest of times. Love never fails; it never quits. It is the primary indicator that the Holy Spirit lives within us, and we only […]

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

A Restart in Revelation

Growth that was not gifted by the Holy Spirit in humility is not a sign of health. People who learn lots of information about God, but have no intimacy with God tend to be unhealthy, but they don’t see it or want to hear it because they’re deaf and blind.


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