Connect Groups are a key aspect of our church community. Our seasonal groups meet throughout the week for deeper Bible studies that are explored in our men’s and women’s, young adults, recovery based, marriage, finance, common interest, and many other groups. We’d love to get you connected to the best group for you! 


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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Johnie Butler -

We Bring People Along

We double down; we have a two deep at each position on staff – people that can come alongside and do what we do to a large degree. We bring others along in that. I have others who serve along with me in this ministry that I’m over that I fully trust could step in and do what I do – and probably do it even better. Here’s just one biblical reason why – because when I bring others along, the spotlight isn’t just on me. I don’t live in the misconception that I’m all that; that people must come to me – are you kidding? I’ve got others around me that do an incredible job of ministering God’s grace and hope. I need that! YOU need that. THIS CHURCH needs that!


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