As a part of the team at The Local Church, these positions are not to be part of the staff, as we don’t have a staff. Rather, these are roles on our Leadership Team. By fulfilling these roles, you will play a pivotal part in leading our collaborative efforts to accomplish all that God has set before us at The Local Church. Team members support the organization in accomplishing its mission and make it their personal mission to connect people to Jesus and one another. The vision of creating the perfect place for imperfect people is the responsibility of all team members, and our goals of connecting people to Jesus, community, generosity, and vision are the driving forces behind all that we do, personally and professionally. The DNA of The Local Church is woven into all that we do and should be lived out by those committed to the Leadership Team.

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

Hell? No!

Heaven - this is talking about the eternal destination for those who have placed their faith in Jesus! Heaven is not an accident. It’s prepared. And who is heaven prepared for? It says, for you. God is preparing it for us - To be a part of His family. Heaven is the presence of God. But it is a place. And Jesus says where I’m going I want you to go too.


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