A message from the series "DNA." We double down; we have a two deep at each position on staff – people that can come alongside and do what we do to a large degree. We bring others along in that. I have others who serve along with me in this ministry that I’m over that I fully trust could step in and do what I do – and probably do it even better. Here’s just one biblical reason why – because when I bring others along, the spotlight isn’t just on me. I don’t live in the misconception

A message from the series "DNA." I had no control over the times and seasons but could control my response and my release to what was happening. I didn’t have to freak out. I didn’t have to beat myself up. I didn’t have to worry because none of this was mine. It’s all the Lord’s, and God will do what God wills. And I get to be a part of it when I give it to Him.

A message from the series "DNA." God wants to grow us, stretch us, and use us in ways that we can’t yet imagine. But some of us have grown so comfortable doing the same thing for such a long time and we wonder why things don't change, and why we get the same results. The DNA that the Spirit of God wants to develop in us all as followers of Jesus is to go the extra mile.

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

Inside and Outside of the Box


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