A message from the series "The Seven Deadly Sins of The Church." In every one of the seven letters, Jesus uses a different facet about himself to introduce himself to the church. One principle I have learned with lousy company is that it's progressive. If you are not careful, you will be moving down a slippery path that ends in shame, loneliness, and every evil work.

A message from the series "I Feel ________." I deal with anger. Sometimes – a lot of anger. Any of you deal with anger? Any of you deal with someone who deals with anger? We all have a vested interest in understanding what God has to teach us about dealing with anger and about dealing with angry people.

A message from the series "I Feel ________." 73% of Americans name money as the number 1 reason for their anxiety! We worry more about finances and resources than anything else in in this country. Because money is our improper priority, it dictates so much of our lives, and when we don’t have the money we want, we worry. Do you know that God’s presence is the antidote even to this real practical worry about resources and finances? Pastor Eric shares how to overcome our feelings of a

A message from the series "I Feel ________." It's important to understand the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt is when you feel bad about something you did, while shame is when you feel bad about who you are. Guilt is a healthy emotion that can help you learn from your mistakes, but shame can be damaging to your self-worth. As humans, we all make mistakes and fall short of perfection. We have all broken God's laws and are guilty of sin. However, Jesus paid the price for our sins and

A message from the series "I Feel ________." God created mankind to have feelings and emotions. We’re made in the image and likeness of God, and God has emotions…but He’s not emotional. Do you understand that? He’s not ruled by his emotions. And God created us to have emotions…But He didn’t create emotions to have us. We have feelings and emotions, but we have to manage them.

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

A Restart in Revelation

Growth that was not gifted by the Holy Spirit in humility is not a sign of health. People who learn lots of information about God, but have no intimacy with God tend to be unhealthy, but they don’t see it or want to hear it because they’re deaf and blind.


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