Message: “We Bring People Along” from Johnie Butler

Message: “We Bring People Along” from Johnie Butler

Johnie Butler -

We Bring People Along

We double down; we have a two deep at each position on staff – people that can come alongside and do what we do to a large degree. We bring others along in that. I have others who serve along with me in this ministry that I’m over that I fully trust could step in and do what I do – and probably do it even better. Here’s just one biblical reason why – because when I bring others along, the spotlight isn’t just on me. I don’t live in the misconception that I’m all that; that people must come to me – are you kidding? I’ve got others around me that do an incredible job of ministering God’s grace and hope. I need that! YOU need that. THIS CHURCH needs that!

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

It's not the SEED, it's the SOIL

All throughout our days, God is scattering some seed in our lives - responsibilities were given, moments were created, and opportunities arose. It’s not the seed, It’s the soil. God wants to bring a harvest…but we have to prepare our soil.


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