These teams exist to make sure that each guest knows that they matter to God, and so they matter to us.

Hosts: Provides an overall excellent guest experience. Hospitality and people are their heart. They set the atmosphere by ensuring guests have a space to feel at home by “effortlessly” hosting guests to their seats and setting the tone with their smiles & energy. 

Connect Corner Host: Creates an atmosphere for connecting guests to the life of the church.

Welcome Host: Loves people and makes them feel at home here at  The Local Church. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement, and a personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.

Service Guides: Prepares people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering, and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Security: Provides the security and safety of our church.

Parking Host: Welcomes guests and is the first friendly face as people pull into our church. They seamlessly facilitate the organization of our parking lot as people enter.

Hospitality: Prepares and maintains hospitality areas, including, but not limited to, coffee and restrooms.

Cafe: Prepares and serves our guests the best breakfast in a 10-mile radius.

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

It's not the SEED, it's the SOIL

All throughout our days, God is scattering some seed in our lives - responsibilities were given, moments were created, and opportunities arose. It’s not the seed, It’s the soil. God wants to bring a harvest…but we have to prepare our soil.


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