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Let’s take some time and pray together for those we’ve invited to Easter at The Local Church. God, we come before you now, and we lift up everyone who will set foot on our campus this Friday and Sunday, and every person who will join us for Church Online. Let their hearts be opened to […]

Today we pray that the people in our community would come to experience the hope of Jesus! That The Local church would be a beacon of light for our city leaders and surrounding neighborhoods. That we would continue to make room for God to move in our hearts and in this city, and that our […]

Miracles are simply God doing what only He can do. God has punctuated history with evidence of Himself through miracles. While walking the earth, Jesus chose to show His deity through compassionate and merciful miracles. Today, believers worldwide experience miracles in many wonderful ways. The danger in all of this is that we begin to […]

Unity or a sense of oneness among believers is one of the most important things in God’s economy. Many times, we mistake unity for the misbelief that we must all think alike, agree on everything, and vote the same way. Fortunately, that is not what God had in mind. Remember, the twelve disciples of Jesus […]

As believers, it can be difficult to navigate a healthy, biblical way of viewing and praying for our leaders. Above what we may think and beyond how we vote, we have a responsibility to pray for them. We pray that they would know Jesus as Savior and Lord. After all, what does it profit a […]

The best way to show God that I love Him is to bring Him everything that I am. It takes faith to do that. True faith says, “Lord, mold me, shape me, and even break me in order to fully make me into what You want me to be.”  When we do that, we realize […]

The realities of living in a fallen world can sometimes be harsh and exhausting. People problems, pandemics, world issues, loneliness, feeling overwhelmed or unloved, there is simply no lack of issues in this world we call home. Many of us struggle with depression and anxiety as a result. Let’s thank God today that suffering is […]

People throughout history have sought happiness. The pursuit has proven costly to more than a few. Can we thank God that joy is different? While happiness is elusive, joy is as close as Jesus. He brings it into your relationship. When you have Jesus, you have joy; it’s in Him. Therefore, Joy is not something […]

As we pray for God’s peace today let’s not forget that it doesn’t require the absence of difficulty. In fact, His peace is available to us regardless of the situation or circumstance. As we move our thoughts toward God in prayer, we move them away from our trials and troubles; God’s peace soon follows.  Knowing that […]

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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Eric Gamero -

It's not the SEED, it's the SOIL

All throughout our days, God is scattering some seed in our lives - responsibilities were given, moments were created, and opportunities arose. It’s not the seed, It’s the soil. God wants to bring a harvest…but we have to prepare our soil.


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