Lead Pastor

Eric Gamero

Executive Pastor of Core Development

Garland Robertson

Executive Director of Ministries

Jessica Gamero

Executive Director of Operations

Carson Pedraza

Pastor of Counseling + Care

Johnie Butler

Creative Arts Pastor

Danny Pedraza

Student Pastor

Austin Rantin

Pastor of Connections

Brian Vasil

Facilties Director

David Shapiro

Worship Leader

Bill Brutus

Media + Broadcast Coordinator

Javi Marquez

KidStreet Support

Rachele Fourcand

Finance + HR Support

Wendy Ortiz

Receptionist + Connections Assistant

Karen Tejada

Executive Assistant

Sandy Hall

Production Coordinator

Derek Klomburg
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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Dan Southerland -

Take Up Your Cross

We have become anesthetized to the meaning of the cross. When Jesus said these words - “take up your cross” - everyone in his day understood. When Jesus took up His cross, He did what God sent Him to do. He embraced God’s will for Him, no matter what. Taking up your cross must mean something like that for you and me too. There are moments when we must embrace God’s will, no matter what, even when it’s not what we want.


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