Lead Pastor

Eric Gamero

Executive Pastor

Garland Robertson

Executive Financial Officer + Pastor

Buddy Johnson

Executive Director of Next Gen

Jessica Gamero

Executive Director of Culture + Connections

Carson Pedraza

Pastor of Worship

Steve Villafane

Pastor of Counseling + Care

Johnie Butler

Pastor of Connections

Brian Vasil

Creative Director

Danny Pedraza

Student Director

Austin Rantin

Facilties Director

David Shapiro

KidStreet Coordinator

Janelle Esponda

Media + Broadcast Coordinator

Javi Marquez

Communications Coordinator + Creative Admin

Loren Pizarro

Production Support

Luis Martinez

KidStreet Support

Malli Hansen

KidStreet Support

Rachele Fourcand

HR Support + Executive Assistant

Wendy Ortiz

Receptionist + Connections Assistant

Karen Tejada

Executive Assistant

Felicia Trainor

Facilities + Custodial Support

Andres Castrodad
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The Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Shawn Lovejoy -

Positively Contagious

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